Private One on One Readings

A private medium reading is a one-on-one session between the medium and the client. One to two people may be present but both parties must be wanting to reach the same loved one.  

Clients will receive validation through words, phrases, or other indicators that mean nothing to the medium, but you will identify it as a connection to your loved one. 

 This is perfect for those seeking deeply personal connection and detailed messages.

Private readings may be done online, by phone, or in person.  We can host the session at our location or at your location.  (Travel fees may apply.) 

Private Reading Costs

Please be sure to read our section on Preparing For Your Medium Reading

Can be done at our location (completely discrete and private) or at your location (travel fees may apply).  

Readings with more than one person must be trying to connect to the same loved one.  This ensures that the reading is unencumbered with information that isn't relevant to your healing.

Private readings can also be done by phone or video.

  • One Client $150
  • Each additional Client $50 Each
  • Copy of reading audio $25

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