A Few Of Our Reviewed Mediums

These reviews are all through Yelp under each medium's name.  Since we rotate mediums for a variety of reasons (medium moves, retires, etc.) we have elected to include those reviews here.

We are proud to currently boast a 5-star rating on Yelp, as for the time of this post, for all of our mediums.

"I was absolutely astounded with what she told me. I went to a reading with a girlfriend, and she connected with a departed friend of mine, and with the sister-in-law of my girlfriend. She gave us both information from our loved ones that she could not have known about. I was amazed. I had always wondered about some things related to my departed friend = and she gave me the answers. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you want to connect with someone you have lost."

 Gayle, Terrell   

"I had heard about (medium's name redacted) and that she is good. I went to a reading in a small group setting and it was wonderful! Feel very comfortable with her and loved hearing about the loved ones who are on the other side and what they have to say to you. I was very excited and very emotional and well as drained physically when all was said and done, but wow, it was so worth it and I will be returning to her to see if I get more to talk about next time. She is very real and is fun person to be with. This lady is the real thing!!

  Peggy S, Dallas, TX 

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