Terrell Ghost Walk and Paranormal Investigation


Terrell Ghost Walk and Paranormal Investigation

Friday July 26th at 8 PM

I saw the 3-dimensional shadow figure peering at me, as if he was curious about us too. I jumped to my feet, dropped my equipment, and ran to the door threshold he stood in 5 seconds earlier. Seeking potential explanations I found no elusive shadow, no person, and no other cause for what I witnessed.  Also missing where my tour guests.  Hastily, they ascended the narrow staircase leading out of the basement in mere seconds.​​

-True Story From Tour Guide, Brenda Newby

A Different Haunted Tour

  • Use common paranormal investigation techniques and equipment often used on television and the internet.
  • Hear first-hand supernatural experiences, and those shared by credible witnesses:  Business owners, employees, volunteers, city officials, and even clergy.  
  • For over a decade, we have focused on establishing mutually respected relationships with the departed often seen there, tried to establish communication, and we believe we have succeeded.  Often, with compelling results.

 We Know the Ghosts There Personally 

And they know us too.  

The Spirits Know Our Tour Guide:  Rhonda (2024)


Previous Ghost Tour Guest Review

Awesome Ghost Tour in Terrell!

"We had an AMAZING experience with Brenda as well as Cameron.  A lot of ghost tours just show you the haunted spots but don't actually try and get any activity.  This ghost tour you actually get to only hear about the buildings, the history, and the haunting, but you also get to encounter it!!  Brenda is able to interact with the ghosts on her equipment that she has.  We also heard noises from her very own office building.  I chose to do this as one of my birthday activities and it was worth i t!  I look forward to following them on their face book page and podcast!"


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Date & Time
Friday, July 26, 2024
8:00 PM 11:00 PM (America/Chicago)

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