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Owner / Paranormal Investigator / Tour Guide / Director of Operations / Mutual UFO Field Investigator / Paranormal Author / Parapsychologist / Podcaster / Speaker


Brenda's interest in paranormal investigation was sparked by a personal encounter with her son and mother in 2012. Since then, she has been striving to advance the field through rigorous education, team collaboration, and practical experimentation. She evaluates evidence with an objective and critical eye.

Brenda is currently enrolled in a four-year parapsychology program at the Rhine Research Center of Duke University. The Rhine Center is a pioneer and leader in scientific research on psychic phenomena since 1926.

Brenda also holds a field investigator certificate from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world's largest and most respected organization dedicated to UFO studies since 1969.

As a host of the podcast Terrell Paranormal Talk, Brenda shares her insights and experiences with a wide audience of listeners who are curious about the paranormal.

Brenda frequently participates as a speaker at various paranormal conferences, where she showcases her findings and methods to other enthusiasts and professionals.

Brenda believes that paranormal phenomena are evidence of the continued presence of our loved ones and that by increasing our understanding of these phenomena, we can overcome our fear of the unknown.

Brenda is not afraid to take risks and challenges in her investigations. She performs her own stunts and experiments with innovative techniques and equipment.

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Brenda Is an Active Member of the Following Organizations

The Rhine Research Institute
The American Parapsychological Association
The Society for Psychical Research
Center for Inquiry (AKA Skeptical Inquirer)
Mutual UFO Network
The Terrell Chamber of Commerce
The Kaufman Chamber of Commerce