Mediums Wanted

--Terrell Mediums--

Our Experience With Mediums​

  • Terrell Ghosts has earned a reputation for providing clients with reliable, skilled mediums.
  • Our organization offers comprehensive support to anyone who hopes to establish or enhance a current medium reading practice.
  • Our staff works as a liason between the medium and the client, ensuring fair payment, respected privacy, and firm boundaries for both parties.
  • We have a decade of experience working with mediums and understanding the unique challenges they face daily to do their job.  
  • Our staff is trained through the Rhine Research Institute, the leading parapsychology program in the world since the 1920s.
  • It is our belief that psychics and mediums should focus on what they do best: bringing healing and closure to those who need it.  
  • We will not interfere with your personal clients or business.  Instead, we provide scheduling, marketing, pre-screening clients, support, a fair wage, and a variety of opportunities.
  • Our company has numerous types of opportunities for you to chose from.  For those interested in branching out of individual sessions we provide mentorship for you to branch out.
  • Our team supports various forms of psychic skills and will help you promote those skills.  As well, we are happy to feature any merchandise you may sell on our own websites.
  • If you have ability but not much experience, we will provide the necessary support until you are confident enough to work on your own.  We will invest in the right candidate.

Parapsychological Association

Rhine Research Center


  • 3-5 Open Positions
  • Opportunities available in Terrell, TX, surrounding areas, and through phone and conferencing.

Work as an Independent Contractor 

  • Complete control over your schedule
  • Part-Time
  • Multiple opportunities are available, you decide what works for you.


  • Online/Phone Readings
  • Private readings at our office in Terrell or at the client's home
  • Group readings (3-6 clients) at our location or at the client's home
  • Gallery readings of up to 30 people
  • Mentorship classes
  • Development of online training as a form of passive income
  • Non-paid opportunities as a member of our paranormal team if you like.

Terrell Ghosts will happily invest time, energy, and money into the right candidate.


  • Communicate the hours you want to be available to the company so we can update your schedule as needed
  • Deliver sessions to the best of your ability
  • Sessions must be client-centered
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be dependable and self-sufficient

Must Have

  • Motivation to focus on quality, not quantity
  • Ability to work with different personality types
  • An impeccable online record with no criminal history related to fraud
  • A computer with a decent microphone and web camera if you provide online sessions
  • Empathy, personable traits, honesty, integrity, & transparency.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills

Nice to Have

  • Interest in doing small groups of 3-6 people for private parties or small events.
  • The ability to be featured at gallery readings (up to 30 guests)
  • A desire to provide mentorship opportunties for others with abilities either through workshops or small group sessions.
  • An interest in developing online courses in a subject matter of your choosing through our training platform.
  • An interest in helping us on paranormal investigation cases (not expected, but would welcome it)
  • Fluent in spanish, a big plus
  • Reliabile transportation for those who want to work with pre-screened clients. (Mileage rates are paid on top of regular rate)


  • Privacy, autonomy, respect, full support, and flexibility
  • The option to try new things, grow your skills and services while in a safe space and supported by our staff
  • Pre-screened clients to ensure your safety.
  • Complete privacy and boundaries, especially with persistent clients.
  • Get paid what you're worth with the ability to earn more the longer you are with us.
  • We will help you promote products and events that are in line with our services and products already offered.
  • Respect from the staff at Terrelll Ghosts because we know how difficult your job can be.
  • Our mediums are celebrated by our company.  We know how difficult your job can be and we want clients to know we have faith in you.
  • Your expenses are covered.
  • There are other opportunities to work with our company in other ways.  Terrell Ghosts offers opportunities for tour guides, program facilitators, podcasters, and have an abundance of freelance work.


​We start each medium at a rate of 50% of the total amount the client pays for the session. We also pay an additional $1.00 per mile if you have to travel outside of 25 miles to reach a client.  We regularly review for pay increases every 3-6 months.

Marketing & Business Services

We do all of the marketing and provide clients for you.  We handle payments, scheduling, answering questions, and pre-screening clients.

Flexible Services & Schedule

We offer a variety of services and you can decide what works best for you.  You also determine your own work schedule.

Ability to Grow With Us

Would you like to offer group or gallery readings but don't feel confident.  We can help you learn in a safe and controlled environment.


Our staff is here to support you and help you attain your goals.  We are here to have your back and make sure you are able to work in a safe environment while being paid for your services.  

Timeline to Hire

From the time you apply...

  • Complete Online Application 

    • -You will receive an email with online survey immediately after completion
  • Call/Email to Schedule Interview

    •  -Approximately 1 week after application and survey
    •  -Instructions will be sent in email
  • Background Check

    • -Takes 2-3 days
  • Two Brief Readings to Determine Skill Level

    • -1-2  weeks
    • -Can be done online or at the office in Terrell
    • -Scheduled at your convenience
  • Final Decision and Onboarding Begins

    • -1 week

OnBoarding Process

From the time of hiring...

  • Complete Team Member Paperwork

  • Discussion of goals, concerns, needs, and ​services you want to provide.

  • Submit materials for your biography page

  • Provide schedule or sign up for pre-       scheduled opportunities 

    • ​-1-2 weeks to start scheduling appointments