Glowing Orbs to Alien Hybrids by Her Bedside to Alien Abduction or is it Just a Haunting?

S1 E3

Published on 02/14/22 Length32.31 ​Hosted by:  Brenda and Mary Jo


A normal call from a paranormal client who described a typically haunted house. Nothing struck us as unusual until the "Client Location Interview."  All seemed to point to a ghost with just a few items puzzling us.  First, it was the description of the ghost that she and her mother saw standing by the bed wearing the same night gown both witnesses saw.  On several occasions, the resident described a strange apparition standing by her bed and she found herself unable to move or speak to wake her sleeping husband.  Initially, we thought of sleep paralysis, but when her visiting mother saw a similar woman standing by the couch she was sleeping on, we dismissed that likelihood. We were startled by the ghost's description:  long arms/legs; short stature; strange facial abnormalities; and, wearing the same night clothing the witness was wearing.

Soon, the clues started to add up.  An unexplained balance disorder; light orbs in the house seen by the client and her stepson; the shared experience of a strange, hybrid-like alien/human form interrupting their sleep; missing time; and an experience shared many years prior by the current client, her 1st husband, and her best friend that was so terrifying she immediately packed a couple suitcases and she never stepped foot back in the home she owned again.

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Interview With an Exorcist
S1 E3